9 Best Family Vacations in the US

9 Best Family Vacations in the US

Going on vacation tends to put restrictions on the way – you cannot have fun and entertain your underage children. However, a few spots in various regions have redesigned their features and environment to accommodate all family members during their visit. With family vacations, you will find an entertaining activity to engage all family members.

This article introduces you to the top nine vacation destinations in the US, where you can take your family for recreation. Whatever the activities you love, there will be somewhere for you, and the environment is ideal for bringing your young ones along – including the children and teenagers.

These are the best nine vacations to consider touring in the US with your family.

1. Washington, DC

America’s capital, Washington, is one of the most historic places with modern architecture and facilities. The city is ideal for family vacations because of the numerous activities it offers that suit all the age groups. There are monuments and museums around the city, and making a tour is pretty easy in the spacious parks.

Unlike many countries, the US president’s residence, the White House, is open to public tours. However, the Member of Congress, or the American Embassy (for international guests), has to plan the tour for you. Let your little ones learn more about America’s history and governance in the White House through the interactive tour.

2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park
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In the Western United States, in the mountain region, Wyoming is the tenth state by size. The Yellowstone National Park is one of the tourist attractions in the state. You can take your children and the entire family for a family vacation to see the overwhelming landscape.

The park also features a variety of wildlife. Let your family learn about nature and experience life in a unique dimension that can enhance your children’s education. The Yellowstone National Park is America’s largest contiguous state park.

3. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Nobody can tour the United States without visiting the Grand Canyon. In case you make a mistake and forget about it, then that would be an incomplete tour. In the Northern part of Arizona, you will find the most unforgettable sight in the region.

The Grand Canyon is a geological site that formed as a result of water erosion. It reveals various layers of rocks with diversity in colors. The range in color and shape of the canyon speak of the work of the rocks’ formation millions of years ago. The site is accessible by either hiking or through a road tour. Remember to carry all your accessories on your roof racks in case you plan to camp in the Grand Canyon.

4. Park City, Utah

Are you into sports? Skiing and snowboarding are the best activities to engage in Park City. You can plan a tour for your family so that you can participate in some of the sporting activities. There are various tracks for all snowboarders that accommodate both the experienced and “newbies” in the sport.

Any family members, including the kids, that want to learn how to ski or snowboard, can attend High Meadow Park for instructions. The area has wide and gentle slopes. It is also set apart for instructing the newbies only. The place is a perfect destination for families that would love to participate in the same sports activity.

5. New York City, New York

The Big Apple, as the tourism industry calls the city, is a must-visit destination for family vacations. It is an ideal choice for families that want to explore free activities across the town. For instance, the High Line and Central Park are free to enter. You can donate to make access to the parks free for everyone.

Amaze your kids at the One World Trade Center – the tallest building in the US. Standing on the site that the terrorists attacked and destroyed in September 201, this building goes as high as 102 floors. Do not worry about the heights. The elevators take only 47 seconds to get you to the top floor of the magnificent house, from where you can enjoy the scenery of all Nw York below.

6. San Diego, California

West Coast offers a great adventure in a conducive and sunny environment. San Diego is an ideal place to plan your adventure for the entire family in the West Coast region. The city has several advantages and attractions to make your experience outstanding while touring with your family members.

The San Diego Zoo, one of the world’s largest, is a perfect destination to start your vacation. The zoo is famous for its open-air and uncaged exhibitions. This openness makes your whole experience outstanding.

7. Miami Beach, Florida

Miami is famous for beach parties, and you may wonder if it is an ideal vacation destination for family events. However, you should know that the beach is a children-friendly destination you can take your family for your experience. The constant sunshine along the beach makes outdoor activities exceptional for people of all ages.

Flamingo Park, located on 11th street, is a must-visit place with kids to make your tour complete. The park has various kid-friendly activities including shallow swimming pools and a playground to keep them busy.

On hot summers, you may want to take your family to the Bass Museum. As an indoor activity, the museum, with art galleries, will suffice you with the knowledge you need on the local culture. Your kids will also find the paintings and sculptures entertaining for their stay in the town.

8. Chicago, Illinois

I guess Chicago is the first US city I knew because of the Chicago Bulls t-shirts that were popular back in the days. Back to the city and family vacations – Chicago is a family-friendly destination that is famous for the world-class urban parks and museums.

Among the various activities around and within Chicago, most of them are free-entry events that you can enjoy with your family while saving some bucks on your trip. Some of the free events include art exhibitions, theatre performances, and concerts – all of which are great when you are in the company of the minors.

Shedd Aquarium, for instance, is one of the amazing exhibits for kids’ exploration. Apart from entertaining them, the aquarium is educational for your kids. Let them have a clear view of the underwater wildlife in a more convenient and accessible way.

9. Glen Rose, Texas

Although it is less spoken-of, the Dinosaur Capital of Texas is a perfect destination city in the United States to take your family. The city is home to Dinosaur Valley State Park, where the first dinosaur footprints became evident. At the Paluxy riverbed, you can see, touch, and put your feet in the amazing sauropod footprints.

Lying about 75 miles (120 km) southwest of Dallas, the park harbors other interesting activities like mountain biking and wagon tours. You may as well take your family to the museums in Glen Rose’s downtown for educational and entertainment exhibitions.

Summing Up

Taking your family for a vacation is an amazing deal, but only when you know the best spots to entertain your kids during the tour. Among the top family vacations in the United States, the nine cities above offer you the foundational experience with touring the country with your kids. You can use the article as a guideline to find the best activities for your family vacations around the cities.

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