RIGHT-tourism is a travel-related blog about sustainable and ethical travel.


Responsible, Informed, Guilt-free and Humane Tourism – that’s what RIGHT-tourism stands for, and that is what it is all about. The ethos is all about making sure that we don’t leave permanent footprints on our travels, and that no one should unwittingly encourage cruelty towards animals when the travel.

All too often, people have no idea that their tourist money is perpetuating serious welfare and conservation problems, which is why it’s so important to raise public awareness of these issues so that people can vote with their feet and only support compassionate activities.

Working with our charity partners from across the animal welfare sector, we’ve created this dedicated website to act as a ‘one-stop shop’ information hub for tourists. Our vision is for the website to be a useful, informative and up to date place to go to gather information before, during and after your holidays or business travels.

Our goal is simple – to help people make informed choices when they are traveling.

If you take a look around our website, you’ll be able to find country-specific information and advice on a whole host of common and more specialist animal issues, so that you will be well informed and equipped to make informed decisions on your holidays. We’ve also supplied some opinion pieces from leading figures in the animal welfare and travel industry, just to give you further food for thought.


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