Animals on the Menu

Exotic foods and drinks containing animal products

Part of the enjoyment of travelling involves partaking in local foods, drinks and associated customs. However, many foods and beverages contain products derived from animals. In many countries, animals that we wouldn’t normally regard as food species are used. In some cases the consumption of such animal products is considered an important component of local culture.

The animals concerned may suffer terribly, as a result of the methods used to catch, farm, transport or slaughter them. In some cases, animals are deliberately tortured prior to being slaughtered, supposedly in order to improve the quality of the meat or other products derived from them.

Industrial scale capture of some animals for the food and drink industries is also threatening some populations and species with extinction.

Before partaking in local foods or beverages, find out what they contain. If they contain the products of animals, think about where those products may have been derived from, and whether the animals concerned may have suffered unduly, or be threatened with extinction.

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