Arturo The Polar Bear That Lives In The Desert

Polar bears live in the cold weather of the North Pole where temperatures rarely reach more than 0 degrees C.

Unfortunately one of the most famous polar bears doesn’t have that luxury. Arturo is currently living at Mendoza Zoo, Argentina, where the temperature easily reaches 40 degrees C during the summer. Arturo has been in Argentina for 20 years suffering from the heat and it is high time for him to be moved to a more suitable environment.


Several petitions were written to move the bear to Assiniboine Park Zoo, Canada. Director of the zoo Gustavo Pronotto claims that Arturo is too old to be moved and that he won’t be able to survive the anaesthesia but this is yet to be proved and specialists say it would worth the shot to give it a try.

Please help by signing the petitions to move Arturo to Canada:

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You can read more about Arturo on this article from the Mirror.

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