Carbon Offsetting

Getting it RIGHT

Should we swim with dolphins?

Should we swim with dolphins?

By Ian Wood

Ian Wood is a freelance photographer and writer based in Sussex, England. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and newpapers around the world including BBC Wildife, Wildtravel magazine, Nat Geo travel and the Telegraph. His new book ‘Swimming with Dolphins, Tracking Gorillas’ is out now.

What Can I do?

Offset your carbon footprint

RIGHT-tourism believes that if we are to continue to enjoy many of the magnificent destinations that allow us to experience other local cultures and extraordinary wildlife at close range, we should think responsibly and do all we can to mitigate the impact that our travel and sight-seeing activities have on the environment, wildlife and local communities.

Our RIGHT-tourism dos and don’ts are an easy guide that show every traveller the steps that can be taken to can help protect the world’s wildlife. But, you can do more. By using our simple calculation table below, you can ‘give back’ to wildlife and the environment what your journey has taken out.

For every 1,000 miles travelled by air it is estimated that approximately 0.25 tonnes of CO2 is produced per person. Working loosely to an international framework for carbon offsetting, we believe there are three travel bands that every traveller could adopt to mitigate the CO2 emissions that he or she has produced.

 BandRegion (Destination)Suggested Contribution to offset your carbon emissions*
Band AEuropeNorth Africa£3.00 – £5.00
Band BSub Sahara AfricaIndiaNorth AmericaCentral/South America£15.00 – £20.00
Band CAustraliaNew Zealand£45.00 – £50.00

*Please note, these calculations use the UK as a starting point and are a guideline only. A simple web search will tell you how far your destination is from your own country.

Your donation to Care for the Wild International based on the above calculation can help a wide variety of vital wildlife and conservation projects. Care for the Wild strives to rescue, protect and defend wildlife in need around the world, through anti-poaching initiatives and patrols, support of local sanctuaries, community education and awareness, lobbying and alternative income community projects.

By clicking on the above button you will be taken to the Care for the Wild donation page via CAF Bank. RIGHT-tourism is a campaign run by Care for the Wild International – Reg UK Charity 288802. You can read more about Care for the Wild and our work here.