Care for the Wild International

Care for the Wild International is a UK based charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of wildlife around the world. Our work operates under three key areas:

  • Rescue
  • Protect
  • Defend

Working with our partners, we aim to protect wildlife and its habitat, rescue and rehabilitate displaced wild animals, and act as a global voice for wildlife protection through campaigns, research and education. We have an on the ground field operation in Kenya where we fund and run anti-poaching squads protecting wildlife from the increasing risks of poaching for the lucrative rhino horn, ivory and bush meat trades.

We also work with UK wildlife, funding sanctuaries for rescued and injured wildlife, and run regular appeals. Most recently we have raised money for rescued bear cubs in Greece and their rehabilitation program to get them back into the wild, and other appeals have raised money for ranger station in Kenya, an intensive care unit for wildlife in the UK, and many other needy causes. You can find out all about our work on our website at