Animal Sanctuaries and Volunteering Opportunities

It can be difficult to separate the true animal sanctuaries from places which put profits before animal welfare. With the help of, Faada and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), we’ve put together a list of the animal sanctuaries and places to volunteer with animals which we believe are ‘getting it RIGHT’. But…

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Getting it RIGHT

In this section we look at positive examples of responsible and animal friendly tourism in action. All of the case study examples given are through recommendations, research or RIGHT-tourism visits and there is also a section for travel operators that have taken the RIGHT-tourism pledge. None of the attractions or businesses mentioned have paid to…

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Tourist Pledge

Take the Animal-friendly Tourist Pledge Are you an animal-friendly tourist? Even for animal lovers, it’s very easy to find yourself doing something that actually leads to an animal being harmed. This might not be at the moment you see them – the cruelty could come before you even get there, or long after you’ve left.…

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Take the Animal-friendly Pledge – Tour Operators

Are you an animal-friendly tour operator, travel agent or marketing organisation with a focus on travel? More and more tourists now expect their holidays to be ‘responsible’ and ethical – and that certainly applies to the animals and wildlife they come across.We receive many complaints from people that their tour operator took them or sent…

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Stop Abusing Elephants for Tourist Shows in Thailand

Elephants playing football, elephants with hoops, elephants painting – these kind of shows are often visited with tourists in Thailand. But many people don’t see the abuse that the animals suffer – until now. This video, taken by a tourist at the Namuang Safari Park in Ko Samui, shows the horrific treatment elephants must endure…

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RIGHT-tourism Zoo Review

It is possible to see wild animals in zoos and attractions all over the world. But how do you know if the animals are being looked after properly? It is nearly always possible to find information online, but it is not always easy to understand exactly how good – or bad – an animal attraction…

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No Photos, Please!

Across the world, tourists grab the chance to have their photograph taken with cute animals – from slow lorises in Thailand, to lion cubs in Cancun and monkeys in Marrakesh. Many don’t realise, though, that these so-called ‘photo-prop’ animals are usually badly treated, abused, orphaned when they are babies, and discarded when they are less…

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RIGHT-tourism Campaigns We aim to improve the lives of animals in tourism through a variety of campaigns. Here’s some recent ones: No Photos, Please! Animals around the world are used as ‘photo-props’ – meaning tourists can pay a small fee and have their photo taken with them. Slow lorises in Thailand, lion cubs in Cancun…

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Take Action

ust a little time out of your day can make a big difference to animals around the world. Here are some practical ways in which you help to promote animal friendly tourism. Read more about our RIGHT-tourism Campaigns We’re taking action ourselves through a variety of campaigns to try and improve the lives of animals in…

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Take away guides

Use the Animal-Friendly Tourist’s Passport to tell your travel agents, friends and family about our RIGHT-tourism campaign! Click on the image to download a PDF copy of the passport To order your copy in the post or for more info, email To download the RIGHT-tourism Top 10 Dos and Don’ts click here.

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