Culture Cruelty Kyrgyzstan Wolf Baiting

Culture or Cruelty: Kyrgyzstan Wolf Baiting

Millions of animals around the world are injured, cruelly treated or inhumanely killed because of ‘cultural’ or ‘traditional’ practices. This example is Kyrgyzstan Wolf Baiting, reported to us by Feza:

Wolf Baiting c Wolf Army


Celebrating cultural history is an important tradition for Kyrgyz hunters, but it should not be permitted at the expense of animal welfare. During celebratory festivals, live wolves are tied to posts and left to be attacked by trained hunting dogs and falcons while onlookers cheer and the victimized animal suffers profusely. This barbaric practice called “wolf baiting” is not representative of hunting methods, but rather of dominance and power. Such an act is not necessary for hunters to carry out in order to celebrate their nomadic past. It is merely an atrocity.

In many neighboring areas, the wolf is even protected by law due to its endangered status. These beautiful creatures cannot be mistreated at the hands of hunters. Please place a ban on live wolf torture and ensure that Kyrgyz festival goers practice only humane methods of celebration.

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