Dog Meat Consumption Leading To Spread Of Rabies In China

Dog meat consumption leading to spread of rabies in China

18-80 million dogs are consumed per year in China alone, which is leading to deaths in China and other Asian countries from rabies.

“Rabies is a major problem in China. The country’s Ministry of Health says it has the second highest rate in the world after India.” And it’s getting worse. Human rabies cases appear to be on the rise in China based on the most recent numbers available. “In 2007, there were 3,302 confirmed human rabies cases in China, nearly 21 times the number found from the entire period between 1990 and 1996.

It’s not just eating the meat that causes rabies. Slaughtering, processing and cooking it may be even more dangerous. After a rabies outbreak led to human fatalities in Vietnam, government officials “reported that 70% of deaths were from dog bites but up to 30% were thought to be linked to exposure during slaughter or butchery.”

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