What to eat in a casino when travelling? Main gastronomic options

What to eat in a casino when travelling? Main gastronomic options

Those who usually enjoy an evening of games and bets know that, depending on their luck, they can stay from a couple of hours to a whole night in a safe online casino. It is not strange, taking into account that good luck gusts can appear at the most unexpected moment. Many times that implies having to stop for a few minutes to eat, drink something or simply have a coffee to endure a couple of hours more in the game; it is in that instant where the gastronomy of a casino comes into play. And while there are those who already have a place of reference, others tend to look for a land-based casino with kitchens at affordable prices. But what should the kitchen of a gaming house have to attract more diners?

Many people argue that a casino should have medium quality food at very low prices. That way, people wouldn’t take so long to stop and eat and wouldn’t be spending money they might be using on roulette, slots or the blackjack table. We can call this the “Las Vegas model”as described, where the big casinos provide buffets at ridiculous prices so that their customers don’t leave the gaming room. While these offers also attract people who are not staying in nearby hotels or do not intend to gamble, the pace of sales keeps the business profitable.

On the other hand, there are casinos that make strong bets on their gastronomy, offering different options of cafes or restaurants with a fixed menu or a la carte. In these cases, a chef is usually called to organize the kitchen and plan the possible dishes that can be offered to diners. In hotel-casinos they are usually more common since their kitchen is usually available 24 hours a day to provide room service. This type of options usually varies from moderate to very high prices, depending on where the casino is located. After all, who can go to a casino in Monaco should be able to pay for a suitable dish.

However, there is a middle point between both options. Many gambling halls and regional casinos are finding ways to provide quality dishes at much lower prices than those found in an expensive restaurant in the area. This way, both people who are looking to stop for a moment in their leisure time and those who want a good meal without emptying their pockets end up coming to these casinos to try out their gastronomic options. Besides, the business scheme ends up turning around: people who come to eat at a good price can take advantage of the time they spend there and make a small bet. Not bad for a gambling night.

Casinos are pure elegance and glamour

Therefore, the food served inside must always correspond to what the casino itself is. Although most of the food served in the casinos that offer these services is of the fast style and they are quite easy to eat so as not to interrupt the games, they are still elegant and very refined.

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An example of these simple dishes are the baguettes, which are easy to make at home when you are not in a physical casino but you are enjoying the casino games. These bread are the most classic in France and can be served in many different ways, depending on the filling you want to put on them and the time of day they are expected to be eaten. The most traditional is to serve these crispy bread toasted with a little butter and painted with a thin layer of a mixture of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard in grains and some other flavouring like paprika, and then place in the middle thin slices of gruyere type cheese and a ham that can be cured or cooked, although the most classic is that it is of the serrano type or some similar. This dish is usually accompanied by a salad of green and crispy leaves like lettuce bathed in some dressing, but it is also very common to see them served with a portion of French fries, which is not really known if they are originally from France or not.

Other variants of the classic baguettes can be accompanied only by different styles of cheese or with cheese and sausages or other cold meats such as sausage or salami, or even with battered and fried chicken inside.

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