End Barbaric Mexican Horse Feast Petition

End Barbaric Mexican ‘Horse Feast’ – Petition

Animal cruelty is often disguised as ‘culture’. Read more about the Mexican horse ‘feast’ in which trained bulls ram into horses to kill them, and click on the petition if you wish to sign.

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Mexican horse feast

End Barbaric Mexican Horse “Feast”  – Petition

One of the most horrifying forms of animal cruelty takes place in the Mexican state of Yucatan. There, an event called the “Torneo de Lazo,” takes place multiple times a year, during which trained bulls ram into horses, fatally wounding them. The event is known as a feast and a celebration, but it is also a rodeo, where the trained bulls purposely kill a number of horses.

When a horse is rammed by a bull, the most common injury it receives is evisceration–its intestines are cut loose from its body. The animal is literally gored by the bull’s horns, and it will not die quickly. A petition from Avaaz.org described the way horses “usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses.” The horses must then die slowly on the ground with their intestines cut lose from their bodies.

The absolute barbarism of this event is self-evident. It is technically illegal, yet no action is ever taken to stop the event, which reportedly takes place all over the state throughout the year. Demand that local and federal authorities take measures to end this disgusting practice.

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