Giraffe Hunting Tourists Paying 10000 To Shot Gentle Giants

Giraffe hunting tourists paying £10,000 to shoot gentle giants

The Mail reports that an increasing number of tourist hunters are paying just £10,000 to shoot wild giraffes in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The practice is legal, but controversial. Hunters often pose with their whole families, including children having killed the magnificent giant mammals.

Hunters pay up to a whopping £10,000 for the the chance to slay them – preferring bulls because they are the biggest.

Safari clubs and game reserves ask for a £1,500 trophy fee, and then add on rates for guides and trackers costing around £1,000 per day. The hunts typically last three-to-five days and see tourists using .458 Winchester Magnum rifles to kill the animals. With most hunters flying to Africa from their homes in Europe or America, the costs stretch into five figures.

The hunting continues even though numbers of the animals are plummeting.

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