How to Find Cheap International Flights: The Best Time to Fly & Book Tickets

How to Find Cheap International Flights: The Best Time to Fly & Book Tickets

Everyone who loves traveling out of the country is looking for cheap international flights. And the best way to find it is by knowing the right time to fly and book your flights.

Let’s get started:

1. Don’t buy a ticket that is too early or too late.

A lot of people believe the notion that they can get the best ticket price when they book it too early or too late. However, there is no truth with it.

Travelers who did it end up paying more than save more. For international flights, shop between 5.5 months and 1.5 months before your intended flight.

If you want to fly during the holidays like New Year, Christmas, and Thanksgiving or during the peak months like June, July, and August, you should book at least two months ahead of your departure to get the good deals.

If you can wait, shop for flight promos. You can save a lot when you travel during their flight deals.

2. Compare.

It may be time-consuming but you should take time to compare airfares. Don’t set your expectation to just book your favorite airline.

If you do this, you’re likely to miss the flight promos. You could be paying for more when you could save.

Visit different websites and check for promos. Sign up for newsletters to get notified each time they have sale seats.

You could also use Google Flight to alert you when your planned destination changes its price. Having a comparison allows you to get the most savings for your flights.

3. Know the cheapest day to fly.

You must be aware of the most affordable day to fly. If that is not possible for direct flights, at least find one-way cheap tickets. You’re still going to save a lot.

If you’re booking tickets for international routes, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. There is an influx of travelers on Saturdays and Sundays since most of them want to take a break from their busy week.

Don’t book for flights that fall on Fridays and Sundays as they are the most expensive, especially in the United States. Fly on time that most people are not interested in flying like during wee hours, lunch or dinner time.

4. Book single tickets rather than groups.

This is one tactic that some travelers miss. If you’re traveling as a group or family, make sure that you’ll book the ticket individually rather than as a group.

For instance, if you get seat A for $100, seat B for $125, and seat C for $200, it will cost your group $200 each ticket if you’re booking as a group. The technique is to purchase tickets one-by-one to get the best deal.

5. Consider the cheaper route.

Do you always fly directly? Why not check the cost of tickets with connecting flights?

Sometimes, connecting flights are 50 percent cheaper than straight flights. If you’re only after the savings, then you must consider this.

6. Book ahead.

For Asian flights, book at least five months in advance to get the best ticket price. If you’re heading to Europe, ensure to book it at least six months in advance. Keep in mind, the best time to book a flight is Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST.

7. Buy tickets on a Tuesday.

You may have heard this advice to book tickets on Tuesdays because it is when you can buy the most affordable flight. Most airlines in the U.S. release their flight deals on Monday afternoons to Tuesday afternoons.

Booking tickets on Tuesday afternoons ensure that you find cheap deals before the price goes up again. However, don’t think that the best deals only come on Tuesdays.

There are also flight sales on other days. You just have to be alert. Generally, midweek travel is the best for international flights.

Make sure to compare prices on different airlines. If you focus on one airline only, you’re more likely to miss other deals offered by other airlines.

You can also see big savings when you fly in bigger airports. Check the prices of your routes on big airports to see. Hub-type airports provide the cheapest flights.

Another tip that you can consider is flying light. Do not get your baggage overweight as you can be charged with high fees.