How to Keep Proper Hygiene While Travelling

How to Keep Proper Hygiene While Travelling

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when travelling is to always maintain your health. And what better way to do it than to keep proper hygiene in all possible ways? There are five main aspects that you need to pay attention to when it comes to maintaining your hygiene on the road. By following these easy tips, you will enjoy your trip knowing that you’ll stay healthy and clean at all times.

Wash your hands

The first thing you need to take care of when you’re travelling is that your hands are clean at all times. It was proven that it is 100 times more likely for you to catch a cold while flying than you would when you are on the ground. Germs spread much quicker in these conditions, thanks to the low cabin humidity. That is why keeping a hand sanitiser handy or washing your hands whenever it is possible, is very important. In most cases washing your hands with hot and soapy water is the best option for preventing the spread of germs. However, it is quite the opposite when it comes to travelling. In these cases, the best option would be to clean your hands using an alcohol-based sanitiser

Keep your face clean

Keeping your face clean and fresh is very important. Two factors you need to keep in mind when you’re travelling are the climate of your destination and your skin type. For instance, if you are travelling to a place where the temperature is very high and the weather could potentially dry out your skin, bring lip balm and moisturiser. Sunblock is also an absolute essential, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. You can save room in your suitcase by buying a combination of moisturiser, sunblock, and foundation in one product. Also, don’t forget to bring facial cleansers and makeup wipes with you. Make sure you find some waterless products because you will be able to use them on the road as well.

Drink plenty of fluids

Another thing you should keep in mind while travelling is to drink a lot of water. Keeping yourself hydrated, especially on a trip when you’re physically active all the time, is very important. Drinking a lot of water will also help you avoid other illnesses. But fluids other than water will also help you stay healthy on your vacation. For instance, cranberry juice has many beneficial effects for females. It will prevent harmful health problems such as UTIs and those can be very uncomfortable especially on the road. Orange juice is another great option. It contains many vitamins that will boost your immune system. And this is highly beneficial on the road because you will be coming in contact with lots of new germs. So keep your bottle of water or orange juice handy, because it might make a huge difference.

Buy body wash alternatives

Try to take any chance you get to take a warm shower when you are travelling. However, there are going to be situations in which you desperately need a shower but you are in a water-free environment. But don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives out there that could help you. For instance, if you are an adventure traveller, you can find many different soap products that can be used without water. They are great for camping or long hiking trips. The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to rinse the product; you just apply it to your skin. Also, Dr Bronner’s castile liquid soap is another great option.

Menstruation tips

This next advice goes out for ladies. It is very important to pack anything you could need on the road in case your period starts while you’re travelling. Depending on how long your trip is going to last, bring enough supply of tampons and feminine pads with you. This is especially important if you are travelling to a rural area where these types of supplies are not easily accessible and readily available. Also, make sure to bring bathroom wipes and hand sanitisers. They can be a lifesaver in case there aren’t any proper hygiene supplies and that tends to happen in public bathrooms. Lastly, make sure you have a bottle of painkillers on your trip as well, in case you suffer from cramps.

Take care of your teeth

There are several different ways you can ensure that your teeth are clean during your trip, while also preventing bad breath. The most obvious one is to avoid eating garlic and to use mints and gums. But many products will help you maintain your oral hygiene on the road. For example, toothbrush alternatives such as Colgate Wisps can help you brush your teeth by releasing a mouth cleaning liquid when you scrub your teeth. Ingredients are safe to swallow and you don’t have to use water at all. You can also pack a pocket-size Listerine to keep your mouth fresh on your trip. Lastly, you could go to the dentist for a regular check-up to make sure your teeth are healthy before the trip. Or you could even try out the teeth whitening services they have to offer. This way you’ll be ready to travel knowing that your teeth are healthy and shiny.

Keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free

Choosing the right clothes for the trip might be a keystone of a successful trip. The goal is to keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free all throughout the trip. For instance, try a polyester dry-fit T-shirt. It is light-weight, wrinkle-free and quick to dry. So you can see why having a few of those on the road could be very useful. However, if you don’t like the feel of this fabric and you don’t have the access to an iron, give Downy Wrinkle Releaser a try. This liquid will relax fabric fibres and smooth the wrinkles on your clothes. All you need to do is spray it on the fabric and stretch it with your hands. Lastly, no matter where you’re going, don’t forget to bring a packable waterproof jacket. It might seem silly, but you never know when you could get caught in the rain. The last thing you want on your trip is to get wet and catch a cold.


Lastly, one thing that people don’t usually think of when speaking about hygiene is the mind. Mental hygiene is just as important as keeping your hands, face, and teeth healthy and clean. Staying fresh and clean does not only apply to our bodies and clothes. It also applies to our state of mind. After all, the whole point of going on vacation is to rest and relax. If your flight is going to last long, make sure you will be able to fall asleep easily. Find a comfortable position; try to get the seat next to the window if possible so that you can lean somewhere. Or try buying a neck pillow that will help you sleep like a baby through your whole flight. There are many different shapes and sizes of neck pillows that you can choose from. Also, if you are sensitive to surrounding noises when you are trying to sleep, there are ways you can drown them out. For instance, noise-cancelling headphones will successfully replace that irritating low-level plane buzz with something much more soothing to your ear.


In conclusion, it doesn’t take much effort to keep proper hygiene even when travelling. Many alternatives can help you out on the way. Pack everything off this list you might find useful and have a nice vacation.

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