India Moves To Ban Performing Dolphin Shows

India moves to ban ‘performing dolphin’ shows

Indian animal welfare officials moved this week to block plans to put performing dolphins on display at theme parks and malls across the country, saying it would violate federal laws about cruelty to animals.

At least five dolphin park proposals have been floated in recent years  by businesses and local governments, with the plans aimed at providing India’s increasingly affluent middle class with a new and exotic form of entertainment.

In a letter Monday the Animal Welfare Board of India directed state governments and wildlife wardens to block any efforts to capture or transport dolphins, or to keep dolphins, porpoises or whales in captivity. The board ruled that dolphin shows and exhibits would violate the 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

All types of studies have shown that these animals, after capture, are under a very high level of stress. A wild animal belongs in the wild. That’s why they’re called wild animals – these are not domestic animals.

S. Chinny Krishna, vice-chairman.

Mr. Krishna said dolphin exhibits are “purely for making money” and that they serve “no educational purpose.”

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