Is all-inclusive cheaper than self catering?

Is all-inclusive cheaper than self catering?

Thinking of booking your summer holiday? How exciting! There’s no better feeling than having a getaway to look forward to, but we know the difficulty is often choosing the type of holiday you want. Package holidays are still highly popular, however, and then comes the decision whether to go all-inclusive or self catering. Do you want everything taken care of or do you want more flexibility? 

For those that are wondering which option is actually cheaper, let’s take a look, shall we? 

Local cuisine

You’ve chosen your dream destination and can’t wait to explore. From romantic city breaks to family options, the location of your holiday has everything to do with food. For foodies, choosing all-inclusive is wise. You’ll get your slice of local cuisine conveniently and this can be a huge plus! However, if you’re more into the idea of exploring restaurants and spots for a bite to eat, self-catering could be the way to go…

More free time

Without having to worry about cooking meals and planning leisure activities, you’ll have more time to relax, hooray! All-inclusive equals a hassle-free holiday. You’ll get to spend time doing what you want to, when you want to. That said, self-catering deals also offer lots of flexibility, too. For families, however, all-inclusive can work out better without the need to plan and go with the flow. 

Alcohol covered 

Depending on the holiday you’re having, a part of your leisure time may be spent in bars. All-inclusive can be especially convenient for this as you’ll have free rein of your hotel bar. This is a huge win-win for those who are on holiday for celebrations.

Leisure activities

The great news is that all-inclusive hols generally include leisure activities, too. This is fantastic if you have little ones to think about as there’s always something to do with them. 

Childcare on site

Go for all-inclusive and you won’t have to worry about entertaining your little ones or finding childcare. This can be super handy for parents that want to spend quality time together. Paying for a babysitter abroad can be expensive and rightfully so, you’ll want your child or children in safe hands. 

Budgeting made easier

Booking an all-inclusive resort means it’s easy to budget. Since you’ve paid for most of your holiday expenses upfront, you’ll only have to set aside spending money. Self-catering options may give more flexibility but will require you to set aside money for certain things.

While you’ll generally pay more upfront to cover the cost of an all-inclusive deal, it can definitely be worth it. If you want to save, it’s easier to do so with this option. However, make sure you still get out and about to enjoy the culture! This is often the main area that is missed out on, and it’s easy to see why with everything conveniently in one place.

There is plenty more information about all-inclusive holidays out there and you can find some real bargains if you wait until the last minute. Of course this means being flexible, but the savings make it all the worthwhile.

Self-catering holidays give complete freedom when it comes to exploration which can be great. And they’re fantastic for cultural activities. 

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to each option. So, as always, we recommend doing your research and choosing wisely based on your needs. Happy holidays! 

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