Lujan Zoo Disappointing Experience

Lujan Zoo and a disappointing experience

Excellent blog from Rocknrove on the Lujan Zoo in Argentina. Like many places across the world it offers the chance to get up close with wild animals, in this case lions and tigers, but once he excitement of meeting the animals

wears off, questions need to be asked.

 lujan zoo animals in the jars

What is the matter with Lujan Zoo?

There is a lot of buzz regarding the Lujan Zoo. The most serious issue is the allegation that animals only tolerate the human presence because they are doped.  If not, how could you explain it?

What you hear from every Lujan Zoo employee is:

Animals here are used to humans since they were babies. If you take a closer look, in every cage you can find dogs that are domesticated animals and help the wild ones to understand human interaction.

That sound reasonable, right? I mean, you raise a lion like a puppy and it will return the stick whenever you throws it.  Indeed I was buying that explanation until after the baby lions cage. They were like strong cats and definitely not on drugs with such energy.

 lujan zoo animals

However,  enter on those cages seemed nothing natural. The more we saw big mammals the less enthusiasm we got. They were all falling asleep, dizzy and whenever I got a response to any estimule given, there comes a Zoo Lujan employee with a bottle of a miraculous milk and quickly the beast was calm again.

 lujan zoo animals

Assure that the animals are doped may be a serious accusation but that is definitely our opinion. This video we did speaks for itself.

On the tigers’ cage was where we saw one animal behaving as it should. While the biggest one was lied on a one meter high table (falling asleep). A younger tiger was restless, walking in circles watching us, showing his teeth.

 lujan zoo animals

With everybody rushing to take pictures  as fast as they can, a sloppy tourist got to close to the awaken tiger without notice, the big cat jumped on him causing everybody to leave the cage on a straightforward message: we are not welcome.

 lujan zoo animals


Leaving my shame behind. The idea of interacting with animals was really great at the beginning and became more and more uncomfortable until the time we left. If you are planning to visit the Lujan Zoo, please consider:

  • The animals are not in good conditions and the cages are very small.
  • Baby lions don’t drink the sleep milk but they are “used” until get totally exhausted. Whenever one is too tired, there comes another in replace.
  • The animals in good conditions are the ones that have no contact with humans, like deers. Coincidence?
  • The place is reason of shame for some Argentinians as well. The friends I have there are totally against the Lujan Zoo.

The Lujan Zoo for us was a huge disappointment but it also served as a lesson to open our eyes regarding animal exploitation for entertainment reasons.

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