Major Expansion Ecuadors Rio Canande Reserve

Major Expansion Of Ecuador’s Rio Canande Reserve Will Better Protect Over 360 Species Of Birds

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A joint effort among Fundación Jocotoco, Rainforest Trust, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), World Land Trust (WLT), and March Conservation Fund has added 1,187 acres to the Río Canandé Reserve, bringing protection to more than 6,100 acres of forest in the highly-threatened Chocó region of northwestern Ecuador.

The expansion resulted from the purchase of six properties adjacent to the existing Río Canandé Reserve in a region that is ranked as the fourth most significant biodiversity hotspot in the world. The reserve is located in a coastal tropical rainforest that extends from southern Colombia to northern Ecuador.

Unfortunately, less than the 10 percent of the original Ecuadorian Chocó forest cover remains intact, due largely to timber extraction and the rapid spread of palm oil plantations located west and south of the reserve. Further contributing to forest degradation are a boom in biofuels development, agricultural activities including creation of pastures, and expansion of settlements. Due to these threats and the diversity of wildlife found nowhere else, the expansion of the Río Canandé Reserve has been a high priority for Ecuador’s Fundación Jocotoco and its partners.

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