Marineland Suing Former Trainer Turned Whistle Blower For 1 25m

Marineland Suing Former Trainer Turned Whistle Blower for $1.25m

After a summer of numerous complaints about animal abuse, Marineland has filed a $1.25 million legal action against a former trainer who made some of the allegations, according to the Sun News Network’s website.

The marine animal theme park filed a defamation suit against Christine Santos in the amount of $1,000,000 for general damages and $250,000 for punitive damages.

Santos, a former animal care employee at Marineland was terminated Oct. 17, 2012, after working there for 12 years. That same day, Santos gave an interview to a Toronto newspaper and claimed Kiska, a 37-year-old Orca whale, was abused and neglected. The newspaper’s website posted a video showing what appeared to be blood coming from the whale’s tail.

The article with Santos’ concerns about Kiska was published Oct. 18. She said Marineland does not employ sufficient staff to provide an appropriate level of care for animals and allowed Kiska’s physical condition to worsen.

Marineland later explained it’s common for whales — in the wild or captivity — to rub against rocks or the sides of pools and “occasionally receive cuts or abrasions.”

Demers is also a former employee of Marineland who also brought forth allegations of animal abuse to the Toronto media last summer.

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