Namibias Noahs Ark 2 To Send 150 Wild Animals To Havana Zoo

Namibia’s ‘Noah’s Ark 2′ to send 150 wild animals to Havana Zoo

Almost 150 animals, including lions, elephants, rhinos and leopards, are going to be ‘gifted’ from Namibia to Cuba’s national zoo in Havana.

In a move condemned by animal rights groups, the animals are being caught in the wild and shipped to the zoo. Fears are for the health and welfare of the animals, in addition to the greater issue of whether wild-caught animals should be captured and displayed in this way.

A spokesperson from South Africa NSPCA said: “It is saddening to note that these animals will be taken out of their natural habitat and sent to a strange land where they will be deprived of freedom and be totally dependent on humans for their daily needs.

“Considering the inhumane culling of seals taking place [off] Namibia at the moment and the worldwide outcry, this latest action by the Namibian government and its ministry of environment and tourism raises serious concerns regarding this country’s stance on animal welfare. Perhaps something for animal lovers to consider when considering Namibia as a holiday destination.”

In response to claims from the zoo director that conditions at the ‘wildlife park’ had been improved in recent years, Care for the Wild CEO Philip Mansbridge said:

I don’t care if the rhinos have a sofa and a spa pool, they belong in the wild.

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Update – the first animals arrived at the zoo on Friday 16th November 2012.