Necessary Road trip essentials

Necessary Road trip essentials

Its road trip time! A road trip is one of the most adventurous and happening things to do solo or with family or friends. Whether you are going for a cross-country road trip or cross-state or so on, you need to pack all the important things so that you can enjoy your trip without any problems.

It is important to pack things and tools that can help your car run smoothly and you and other people are comfortable. Road trips are long, and you can never be sure what the road is like or what you may need at a given point of time.

Thus, we have compiled a list of things by researching the people who take tons of road trips and have made a list of sorts. So, get ready for an adventurous ride by following this ultimate road trip packing guide.

But first, some few fun facts about road trips:

  • Around 54% of people prefer traveling via road because it is cheaper than flying
  • Road trips allow you to take your pet with you without worrying about anything.
  • An average person can eat up to 13 snacks during a road trip, and play up to 16 games
  • More than 41% of people prefer road trips as they let them spend quality time with their family

78% of people say that they remember and cherish the memories they make on road trips more. (These statistics are for American citizens)

Now, let’s move on to the amazing checklist.

1.      Snacks

The most important thing for your road trip to be a success is snacks. You don’t want to stop every two hours to eat snacks. That is why carry your favorite and natural snacks. Always carry snacks for kids that they like.

Make sure you load on the snacks at every stop so that you don’t run them out. They can help sustain you and your family at times when there are no diners.

2.      Handle your car smartly

Your car is your best friend to get you across on your road trip. Thus, make sure you have all the necessary tools and items. Here are some tips:

  • One of the most essential things for your car is your license and registration number. Don’t leave your home without it.
  • Make sure to take a copy of your car’s insurance paper. All the relevant documents for the same should be with you in case you need it.
  • Carry a spare tire or two and make sure that it is not in a bad condition
  • Remember to carry a roadside emergency kit. You can buy one online or make yours keeping all things like lights, rain poncho, vest, tire pressure gauge, and so on.

3.      Carry tons of garbage bag

It is important to carry garbage bags with you, tons of them. They will help you make sure you don’t throw the trash on the road while ensuring that the car remains clean too.

It is also a great idea especially if you have kids, as they can make a lot of mess and you can put away the dirty diapers.

4.      Winter clothes or accessories

If you are going to a location which has winter or snow or if you are traveling during the winters time, keep these points in time:

  • Ice scraper and snow shovel
  • Umbrella
  • Winter clothes like coats, jackets, caps, gloves, scarfs, and so on.

Make sure you carry at least one of these items and the above-mentioned tools. It doesn’t matter whether you will be using them or not. Having them in the car will ensure you that you can get out of any trouble when the time comes.

5.      General accessories

Here is a list of general but equally important accessories that you should take with you on a road trip:

  • Carry a paper map with you in case you don’t have a network and are unable to access Google maps. Some apps let you download and use maps offline as well, invest in them.
  • Flashlight and batteries for the same
  • A first aid kit with basic medicines for cold, cough, fever, headaches, nausea, and so on. Other things like band-aids, some antiseptic gel, and so on. Also, take your medical files or download them on your phone just in case you need to show them to a hospital or so on.
  • Spare change is always a good idea. Some cheap diners or highway stores don’t take cards. Be prepared for anything.
  • Bug sprays, mosquito repellent, air-freshener, toilet roll, soaps, and sanitizers.
  • Always carry big bottles to store water that you can use in emergencies.

6.      Things to keep your skin hydrated

  • Pack your sunglasses because staring right at the sun and driving is not a great idea. It can hurt your eyes, and make you tired soon.
  • Sunscreen in case you go on hiking or a beach during your road trip. Pack a bathing suit too.
  • Your favorite moisturizer because staying inside the air conditioning of the car for long can dry out your skin.
  • Carry extra baby wipes for your face and for your kid (if you have one)
  • Other essential items that you need for your skin.

7.      Items for making your ride comfortable

  • Carry an extra pair of comfortable slippers so that you can change out of them when your feet hurt or get suffocated in your footwear.
  • Carry a pillow to nap in the backseat of the car comfortably. A quick shut-eye is important to keep the energy up and running.
  • Blankets in case you feel cold in the car, but the other person doesn’t
  • Your favorite mug so that you can drink coffee or water without spilling

8.      Clothes

Depending on your destination and how long you are planning to stay, pack clothes and suitable shoes. Don’t put too many clothes as it will only increase your baggage. Count traveling days too.

Also, carry a shoulder bag in which you have a single pair to change quickly with other essential items like snacks, water bottles, sanitizers, and so on. You can carry this while on a hike or when visiting tourist places in the city where you wanted to go.

9.      Items to keep you entertained on the road

  • Ensure that you carry a phone charger, a cord, and a portable charger with you.
  • Don’t forget to carry Bluetooth or wireless headphones or hands-free to stay connected with people without using mobile. Using a mobile while driving is illegal and dangerous.
  • Carry a hotspot device so that you can find a network most of the time.
  • You cannot always rely on the radio and the internet to play kickass music while on the road. So, make sure you have a playlist ready on a Pendrive which you can blast throughout your road trip.
  • Camera for taking capturing moments and scenic beauty that the journey has to offer
  • Carry lots of games with you that you can play in the car or so on.
  • A book or some other things that can keep you entertained.

10.  Empty bag and swiss army knife

A swiss army knife can help you get out of tough situations, or you can use it as a tool for a lot of things. Also, carry an extra empty bag so that you can put dirty clothes or things that you buy on your trip to them.

This is our list. Now take the idea from here and make your own checklist as per your need. What are some of the items that always pack while going on a road trip?

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