Petition Demand The Prohibition Of The Death Carts

‘Beasts of burden’ are animals which carry humans – they could be elephants, horses, camels, donkeys and so on. And they are one of the most mistreated group of animals in the tourism business.

You can read more about Beasts of Burden on the RIGHT-tourism main website, and please read and sign the petition below focussed on a town in Brazil:

To the mayor of Petropolis we demand the prohibition of the death carts

In the city of Petropolis, Brazil, horses and goats are routinely forced to tow tourists around the city for hours in the hot sun. These animals are often poorly treated and malnourished — they are so thin that their ribs are clearly visible, and they often suffer from cuts that become infected and do not heal properly. Those who fall ill or become unable to work are killed or abandoned, left to die as other animals take their place in the cycle of suffering.

Some people may argue that the use of horse and goats chariots is “traditional.” But “tradition” does not excuse the way these animals are left in the cold or the heat, with feces hanging from their tails and surrounded by flies.

Petropolis is known for its lush gardens and storied past; there is no reason to add animal cruelty to its legacy. Now that the planet’s eyes are on Brazil for the World Cup, this is the perfect time to pressure the mayor of Petropolis to ban this practice once and for all. Sign the petition to tell the Petropolis Mayor to ban horse and goat carts from the city!

Sign the petition here.