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Are you an animal-friendly tour operator, travel agent or marketing organisation with a focus on travel? More and more tourists now expect their holidays to be ‘responsible’ and ethical – and that certainly applies to the animals and wildlife they come across.We receive many complaints from people that their tour operator took them or sent them to a place or activity where they then witnessed some form of animal cruelty. Many people want to ensure this doesn’t happen by travelling with an animal-friendly tour company.

Dolphin in the wild

So is your tour company/travel agent/excursion animal-friendly? The RIGHT-tourism website includes lots of information to help you ensure you are. But the quick way to ensure you are doing things the RIGHT way is to take the RIGHT-tourism Pledge. If you follow these five points, then you will be well on the way to being an animal-friendly tour operator:

The Animal-friendly Pledge – Operators

We pledge not to sell tours or activities which encourage our customers to:

  1. Attend a performance in which animals are forced to perform in a non-natural way
  • Includes behaviours which have been taught to the animal through force, or ‘negative-reinforcement’ such as food deprivation or isolation.
  • Includes performances which are by their nature dangerous to perform, such as riding a bicycle or walking on a tightrope
  • Does not include behaviours taught through ‘positive’ training techniques for the animal’s enrichment, or for veterinary access
  1. Have their photo taken holding a wild animal in inappropriate circumstances
  • Includes when the animal has been removed from the wild leading to suffering
  • Includes when the animal is either forced or restrained to allow tourists to interact with them
  • Includes when the animal could pose a danger to tourists, is not supervised by trained staff or is displayed in an inappropriate venue
  1. View animals in the wild in a way which causes harm or distress
  • Includes getting too close causing stress or behaviour change
  • Includes inappropriately large or unmanaged groups behaving irresponsibly, eg too much noise or leaving litter
  • Includes disrespectful or aggressive behaviour towards the animals
  1. Buy or eat anything that could have come from an endangered animal
  • Includes ivory and rhino horn products
  • Includes Traditional Chinese Medicine or similar where endangered species such as lion, tiger or pangolin, parts are suspected to have been used.
  • Does not include Bushmeat, as long as it is not known or suspected to have come from an endangered species
  1. Take part in tourist animal experiences without being given the chance to withdraw
  • Includes offering alternatives, where possible, if tourists do not wish to partake in a particular activity

Most Recent Operators/Travel Agents/Marketing Organisations to Sign:

Oyster Gap and Responsible Travel Specialists

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Join Us!

Are you involved in the tourism industry? Do you or your customers have any interaction with animals? If so, please sign up to this pledge by contacting us now!