Rodeo Culture Or Cruelty

Rodeos are part of American culture, and many tourists will head along to see a bit of ‘authentic’ action. But are they harmless fun, or are the animals involved suffering?

This video from the Humane Society International shows the concerns.

Peta also has a video on the subject.

More concerns in this blog from Barn Mice.

And detailed concerns about rodeo from the Animal Legal Defense Fund here, including:

  • Calf Roping: a mounted rider yanks a calf into the air by his neck, slams him into the ground, and ties his legs together. During this performance, calves may cry out (if they can breathe), defecate from fear and stress, and suffer neck injuries and death.
  • Steer Busting: a rider ropes a steer with such force the steer flips in the air. The injury and death rate is so high the Nevada State Veterinarian forbids it from the National Finals Rodeo, but this is easily bypassed by holding the event in other locations.
  • Steer Wrestling: in this event the steer endures a high level of stress and can suffer ripped tendons, sprains and bruising, and even a broken neck.
  • Bull Riding and Saddle Bronc Riding: bucking straps, electric prods, and spurs are used to hurt the animal and aggravate him into reacting more roughly than he would naturally.