Samui Aquarium And Zoo A Place Of Neglect And

We received this report from a tourist who visited Samui Aquarium and Zoo in Thailand and wanted something to be done to help the animals there.

I’ve been to Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo in 2009. I did not think of reporting it to someone back then. But the images of Manta Rays with 2m wing span in 4sqm shallow concrete tanks keeps haunting me. The tigers are also held in way too small enclosures.

I don’t know what to do against it or who to contact, so I am trying this way now. hoping that you know how to stop the cruelty in that place.”

To support this report, we’ve been through some of the comments from Tripadvisor about the place.

3rd World Zoo

Reviewed 29 June 2014 

OMG, please don’t waste your money. I felt so sorry for the animals. May be the staff should feel sorry for them self’s. Please put up some sings in the aquarium, so we know what we are looking at and clean the place up.”

“close this place ASAP !!!!
Reviewed 16 February 2014 

I’e been travelling a lot and visited many zoo, but this one is probably the worst I have ever seen ! How people can say it is a nice place to go with family ?? Is it the way they want to show their kids how animals should be treated ??? Its a SHAME !!!! Tigers are sad, stressed and probably broken ! They turn constantly in their cage like mad and show all the signs of high stress !!!
Their cages are dirty, small and without any places for them to lie down peacefully when they need some calm !
Taking a pic with a small tiger in a prison, enchained is horrible and terrible ! How people can do it and feel happy after that !!! If you want a nice place to do this, then go to south Africa, Cango Wildlife Ranch. This is the place to show to kids and people to be aware how animals must be treated, with respect and dignity !!!
With my BF, we just left the place without having any desire to see the show or take a pic. We want to let you know that you MUST avoid this place until they make it nice and maintained.

Visited January 2014”
Reviewed 18 August 2013 

Tanks and cages are not big enough really cruel and unfair on the animals. Tigers pacing like that signals agitation and their enclosures are too small without any stimulus. The otters have about 2sqm of floor space, cry all the time and climb the cage. In addition if Sara your tame lioness is anything to go by I have never seen an animal so listless without drugs being involved. This is my review please don’t respond saying the cages are a decent size when you can see the truth in the photos. Poor animal conditions and little thought on their welfare its a prison not a zoo.

Visited August 2013”

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