South America

Sanctuaries and volunteering opportunities in South America


  • Caraya Project, Cordoba
Caraya project capuchins

The Caraya Project is a rescue and rehabilitation centre which has been working with black and gold howler monkeys ( Alouatta caraya) and capuchins ( Sapajus cay) since 1985. They also work with other rescued animals like cougars , llamas, goats, dogs. Contact via the website or Twitter on @volunteers_man


  • Inti Wara Yassi Comunnity (CIWY)Inti Wara Yassi Community is a Bolivian non-governmental organization dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, abused and neglected wild animals. CIWY also teaches, educates and raises awareness among the local peoples about the importance of leaving wildlife in their natural habitat and the negative effects of trade in these species. The organization has different volunteer opportunities for its three centres.



  • Rescue and Rehabilitation of primates centre Peñaflor
    The Rescue and Rehabilitation centre of primates Peñaflor is a shelter for monkeys rescued from animal trafficking. It was founded in 1996 and in 2002 obtained the legal status issued by the Ministry of Justice as a non-profit organisation.
    As a private entity the centre don’t receives any kind of financial help and therefore the work of international volunteers is very important. Is also possible do guided tours for tourists.



  • Rescue Centre Yana Cocha

Yana Cocha is a private and non-profit institution dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of the Amazonian flora and fauna in Ecuador, South America. To expand their horizons, build upon research and deepen their commitment to forest conservation. In 2008 Yana Cocha created the International Volunteer program, an action that has allowed people around the world to contribute with their work on behalf of the Amazonian flora and fauna.

  • AmaZOOnico
    Since 1993 the animal rehabilitation centre AmaZOOnico has been situated in the middle of a protected reserve and the host of several animal species, including some endangered. Many of the animals come to AmaZOOnico in poor condition; they are malnourished, injured by being chained, and are often sick. A quarter of the animals die en route to the centre or within a few days because of their poor condition, but another quarter can be successfully reintroduced to the wild. The rest have to spend the rest of their lives being cared for in the centre.
  • Rescue Centre Guayabillas – Centre of animals rescued from illegal trafficking
    The Guayabillas Animal Rescue Centre is located on a hill where you can see the entire city of Ibarra, which is located in northern Ecuador. Guayabillas receives volunteers from around the world who want to work with animals and educate people about the importance of preservation.

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