Stop Barbaric Tradition Hanging Live Bull Tree Petition

Barbaric tradition of hanging a live bull from a tree

Culture or cruelty? Every year in part of China, a bull is hung from a tree and left to slowly die. The belief is that this sacrifice will help the harvest, but in this day and age, surely this is unnecessary? Petition from Care2:

Bull hung China

Each year, for the past 470 years the Dong people in Baojiang in Cina organize a ceremony where they decorate a bull and then hang that poor animal from a tree and watch it slowly die. According to the superstition this is supossed  to bring good weather, full harvest, peace and prosperity. It should however gotten around  that nothing can influence the weather and certainly not torturing an animal.

Unfortunately, this becomes a spectacle due to the tourists who come running every year. I would like to ask those people not to travel there just to see an innocent bull die an agonizing death. And I urge you Dong people to adapt to the century you are living in. Why not perform a handicraft work of the astrological animal of that year made of straw and soil and plant  flower seeds inside . Hang that on the tree and then you can gradually see how it grows and after it withers, you can light it in a big spectacle. Later you can feast a dinner with all what the soil yields . That way no animal must die and it can be great fun. Please, it is worth trying.

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