Take Action

ust a little time out of your day can make a big difference to animals around the world.

Here are some practical ways in which you help to promote animal friendly tourism.

Read more about our RIGHT-tourism Campaigns

We’re taking action ourselves through a variety of campaigns to try and improve the lives of animals in tourism. Read more here.

Share your experiences

Please share your experiences, pictures and videos of animals in tourism on our Blog, or by emailing info@careforthewild.com.

Travel RIGHT

Use this website and our simple guide, ‘The Animal-friendly tourist’s passport’, to make sure your own travels are cruelty-free. You can also view case studies of operators that are ‘Getting it RIGHT’ and visit travel operators that have taken the RIGHT tourism pledge here.

Speak up for tourist industry animals

Help make RIGHT-tourism a success by telling your friends and family about our work. Tell people how easy it is to avoid situations which cause suffering to animals simply by becoming better informed and making animal-friendly choices on holiday.

Pick up your pen

Letter writing is a very effective way to campaign against animal exploitation.

You could write a letter to;

  • Your travel agent stating that you do not wish to go to any attractions that are cruel or degrading to animals or to complain about something you experienced while you were away.
  • The management of the attraction explaining why you were made angry or upset about what you witnessed.
  • The Ambassador or Consul General of the country you visited to tell them why you feel such practices damage their countries reputation.

Please remember to include information about our campaign.

Take the Animal-friendly Pledge – Tour Operators


Read more about Take the Animal-friendly Pledge – Tour Operators