Ten Tiger Attacks Which Show Why Tiger Selfies Are A

Tiger selfies, photos with lion cubs and other wild animals are all the rage. But is it a good idea?

It certainly isn’t for the animals – that cute cub will be hiding a sad and abused past. But this article is about the danger the animals can pose to humans.

Wild animals, mainly tigers here, can be very dangerous when under pressure or mistreated and that can lead to the death or injury of the people who happen to be in their way. Such as these examples:


1. Young zoo keeper mauled to death by a tiger, United Kingdom, 2013


2. Tiger attacks a keeper in famous Steve Irwin zoo, Australia, 2013


3. Tiger refuses to obey and kills trainer, Mexico, 2013


4. Student gets severely injured after tiger attack, Thailand, 2013


5. Woman hurt while pausing with white tiger


6. Tamer attacked by his tiger, Spain, 2013


7. Caretaker killed by 3 tigers, Italy, 2013


8. Three year old has hand bitten off by bear, Russia, 2014


9. Man saves a friend from a tiger, Thailand, 2009


10. Compilation of accidents


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Photo Credit: “Tiger in circus”. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons