The Pushkar Animal Fair

The Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual five day event in India which can involve around 30,000 camels, their owners and other livestock. It has also become a tourist attraction due to its scale and activities including camel dancing, ‘bridal’ events and so on.

As a livestock fair and on such a huge scale, there are bound to be some animal welfare concerns. This blog by Photography for a Compassionate World features photographs of sick and injured camels:

The condi­tion of almost every one of these gracious camels is horri­ble but even more troubling is the endless stream of jolly tourists seemingly unaware of the suffer­ing around them.  I was stunned at the hordes of people not even notic­ing the condi­tions the animals.  All of whom were anxiously await­ing their turn to hand over their money, get their camel ride and finan­cially support this abuse.

Have you been to the Pushkar Camel Fair? Is the condition of the animals acceptable considering the numbers attending? Please contact us with your views.