Tigers In Thailand

A gap year student’s report – Tigers in Thailand


It’s great to see gap year students writing about animal welfare issues which they’ve come across during their travels!  Helen Robinson’s blog ‘Give a second thought for the animals’ documents her experiences with animal cruelty, such as this recent post about Thailand’s tigers.  The plight of tigers in Thailand, and how they’re used and abused to allow tourists a “unique” photo opportunity with a tiger, is a major welfare problem that we’re trying to raise awareness about. We look forward to reading more of Helen’s insights in the future!


“When speaking to friends who have been, the majority of people came away from the experience thinking that it was cruel and heartbreaking, yet by that point it is too late. It doesn’t matter that they have come away from that experience thinking, “that was awful, those poor animals!”, as they have already contributed to the funding of the cruelty. As long as those places keep receiving money, they will of course continue.”


“What is unnerving is that many of the people I have spoken to who have gone or were about to go, take on the attitude, “yes it’s cruel but they are amazing creatures, I’m only in Thailand once”. It is baffling to me that someone can openly see something as cruel, yet will openly advertise it and on the whole look back on the experience as a positive one.”

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Photo credit – Care for the Wild International


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