Top 10 Tips For Planning A Successful Destination Wedding

Top 10 Tips For Planning A Successful Destination Wedding

Are you having a wedding soon? It is often stressful to plan a wedding because it is an occasion that comes only once in a lifetime, yet it involves a lot. There’s a lot of pressure, anxiety, and uncertainties that can get overwhelming.

It becomes even more stressful if it is a destination wedding. If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, you need to plan well in advance so you can have a successful and memorable wedding far from home. Here are the top 10 tips that can assure the success of your wedding:

1.      Choose an appropriate location

When choosing a venue for your destination wedding, pick a place with all the necessary resources for a wedding. Can the site accommodate all your guests? Is the area attractive enough for your wedding photos and videos? Consider other factors that can keep your guests comfortable. 

2.      Let your guests know in advance

Having your wedding out of town can be a little inconveniencing for your guests. That’s why you need to inform them early enough so they can start preparing. You can tell them one month ahead so they can slot the date in their diaries and ensure they are free on that day. This will also help them to save for their traveling expenses.

3.      Consider the financial status of your guests

Since you’ll be inviting guests from different backgrounds and they’ll be traveling far, ensure you book an affordable place. The guests are coming to support you on your wedding, so it’s not wise to add undue financial pressure on them. If anything, you also expect them to offer you some gifts; this can’t be possible if you book expensive hotels. 

4.      Involve an experienced wedding planner

Planning a destination wedding isn’t a walk in the park. It’s something you and your partner can’t handle on your own. You need a professional wedding planner to set things up for you. A wedding planner will expertly handle all the issues concerning the venue, the menu, entertainment, transport, decorations, etc. 

5.      Do some research

Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner, you still need to do some research. Do not rely only on the reviews you see on the website of your wedding venue. Try to reach some people who’ve had their wedding at the same place and seek their opinion. Find out what their experience was. Were they impressed with the venue? Were there some challenges they faced? All these will help you plan well or choose a different destination. 

6.      Visit and familiarize yourself with the venue

It’s good to familiarize yourself with the venue of your wedding before the wedding day. If you have resources and time, pick a few of your friends and visit this venue early enough. It is better to meet your vendor face-to-face so you can discuss the finer details of your wedding rather than relying only on phone calls and emails. Some vendors are known to send misleading pictures, so it’s better to see things by yourself. 

7.      Arrive early

You do not have to arrive on the same day as your guests. It would help if you arrived early enough to oversee the final stages of your wedding arrangement. When you arrive early, you will have enough time to do the final touches to ensure everything is in order before your D-day. 

8.      Invite a few guests 

A destination wedding is costly, especially when you are responsible for transporting your guests to and from the wedding venue. To cut costs, you can invite a few guests that you can comfortably cater for.

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9. Choose a perfect date for your wedding 

Go through your guest list and try to figure out a time that can suit all of them. Choose a date that’s not full of other activities, preferably a day when travel costs are, and traffic is low. Remember also that hotels charge low for accommodation during off-peak seasons. 

10. Take the weather into consideration

Bad weather can spoil your wedding. Choose a date that you can be confident that you’ll have fair weather. If you are in a hot season, it’s better to hold the wedding ceremony at night when temperatures are low to avoid sweating. If the ceremony is to be held during a rainy season, then better have it indoors.

Final Words

As stated earlier, a wedding ceremony is a one-time event in your life. So, you need to get it right. Planning everything will save you from the stress associated with a destination wedding. Things can work well for you if you engage a trusted, reliable, experienced, and professional wedding planner.   

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