Tips to Eliminate Your Debts to Travel to Your Dream Destination without Any Guilt Pangs

Tips to Eliminate Your Debts to Travel to Your Dream Destination without Any Guilt Pangs

Everybody has travel goals and aspirations. Life is short and people who have a passion for traveling would prioritize a trip to their dream destination over anything else because they would love to experience a fulfilling vacation while they are young and healthy. The universe is extensive and you have many wonders to explore in this lifetime. Thanks to the digitalization of modern travel agencies, now it is far easier for you to explore the mesmerizing natural wonders. Many of you are inspired to see fascinating photos, useful travel guides, and really exciting offers on your social media platforms. Some people are compelled to avoid traveling simply because they are busy tackling other more serious issues and have other important priorities like repaying debts or paying outstanding bills. You must learn to cut down your debts effectively so that you could fulfill all your travel dreams and debts don’t ever come in the way of your dreams.

Bad debt could be leading to depression and frustration. Debts even transform the nature and character of people. People are often compelled by circumstances to isolate themselves and even get engrossed in their work and their doomed routines. They seem to lose all motivation and forget to even look for options to come of this vicious cycle of debt and more debts. You could never enjoy your vacation or even an official trip if you are having a debt burden. That is simply because debt is always accompanied by an emotional burden. You are forever stressed out and you may even feel guilty when you even think of a fun vacation while still in debt. So the best way is to get rid of all your debts and identify the root cause of your distress and stay away from it. Here are some effective tips to get out of debt so that you could plan a revitalizing vacation to the land of your dreams.

Stay Committed To Eliminating Debt

As per, this may seem very much like a casual tip; however, it is an extremely important suggestion. Eliminating all your debts and getting away from the debt trap could be difficult and challenging. It would require a lot of dedication and discipline over an extended period. It would automatically demand certain lifestyle modifications. It may sometimes even necessitate overlooking and ignoring peer pressure.

You must not chalk out an extremely strict debt elimination plan because it would be practically impossible for you to stick to it. However, you would require making some difficult choices if you wish to get rid of your overwhelming debts and become free to travel to beautiful places. You would have to give up shopping sprees, spa days, or even wild night outs. Once you are successful in giving up all those expensive pleasures, you would gradually step forward on the road to freedom from debts. You certainly need your partner’s support as both of you would need to give up a lavish lifestyle and cut down on your luxuries and pleasures for quite some time to restore a normal debt-free existence.

It could be a long and challenging journey but you could still stay motivated. Consider creating a visual reminder for motivation. Keep a picture of the travel destination you are planning to visit when you could afford it. You may strategically place the picture on your computer, in your wallet, or wherever you would be spending money just to keep reminding yourself of your travel plans and going debt-free resolution. You may seek expert assistance from reputed companies such as for perfect debt solutions so that you become debt-free faster.

Chalk out a Customized Budget & Stick to It

You simply cannot think of spending more money than what you already have. You need to create a customized budget if you are thinking of monitoring your spending habits. Your spending could be categorized into three main heads. They are Variable Expenses, Fixed Expenses, and Debt Expenses.

We know that fixed expenses would include utilities, mortgage, cell phone, cable, or any bills that you need to pay every month for a certain period. Variable expenses would include groceries, entertainment, dining, etc. Debt expenses would obviously, include loans and credit card debt repayments. You need to set aside in your budget, an amount to be spent on fixed expenses every month since these are the things you would have to pay. You must keep aside a specific amount depending on your debt repayments every month. Finally, the remaining amount could be budgeted for meeting all your variable expenses. Since you are passionate about traveling and hope to travel someday when you are free from your debts, keep aside some money and create separate savings account for your vacation fund. If you find that your expenditures are exceeding your monthly income, you would need to curb certain variable expenses or eliminate a fixed expense such as modify your phone plan or do away with your cable. You must have an extra $100 that could be used for emergencies and that is not specifically allocated towards any expense as such.

Avoid Credit Card Spending

Credit cards are not inherently bad but they could prove to be dangerous if you do not know to use them properly. The fact that you are neck-deep in debt implies that you have misused your credit cards; hence, no more using credit cards for a while until you are debt-free. Most of you do not have money-management skills. You often go overboard with your credit card spending. This could lead to spending exceeding your income. That is exactly the way many of you fall into the debt trap. You must stop using your credit cards until you are successful in paying off your outstanding balances.

Pay Off Your Current Debts

You need to organize all your existing debts. You need to figure out precisely how much debt you are still having. Start paying off your debts systematically from the smallest to the largest debt. This is an easy and effective way of eliminating your debts. Once you have paid off the smallest one, you may shift your attention to the next smallest debt. This way go on eliminating your debts from smallest to biggest until all your debts are repaid and you are debt-free. This is called the Debt Snowball Method. The debt snowball method seems to be an effective debt reduction strategy that involves paying off your debt from smallest to largest and this should be gaining momentum while you go on knocking out each balance. Once the smallest debt is fully paid, you should be rolling the amount you were paying towards that debt into your next smallest balance. Here are some easy steps to achieve freedom from debt as suggested by Dave Ramsey.

Step#1: Start by listing your debts right from smallest to biggest irrespective of the interest rate.

Step# 2: Make minimum payments, first of all, on all your existing debts except your smallest one.

Step# 3: Pay maximum possible towards your smallest debt.

Step# 4: Keep repeating until all debts are paid in full.


You need to be exceptionally disciplined and patient while eliminating your debt. You need to stay motivated all along. Your travel dreams and thoughts of your travel destination should keep you inspired and motivated to get rid of all your existing debts. You need a lot of perseverance to follow the above tips. Once you do, you could get ready for traveling around the world!

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