Mexico Welcomes February With Annual Tlacotalpan Bull Torture Festival

An annual Mexican fiesta at which bulls are force-fed alcohol, dragged across a river and then beaten and stabbed by crowds is set to take place this Sunday, 1st February.

The fiesta in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz State, has been subject to petitions and controversy for several years but continues to attract mass crowds, including tourists.

Video courtesy of MrApocalypseplease

Dominic Dyer of Care for the Wild International, said:

“This is another example of man’s inhumanity to animals which I simply can’t get my head around. Fiestas like this take place particularly in Spain and Mexico with the sole purpose seemingly for people to get their kicks by torturing and killing defenceless animals. Any suggestion that this behaviour is part of the country’s culture must be dismissed, there is nothing cultural about cruelty.”

Care for the Wild runs the RIGHT-tourism website which gives tourists advice on how to enjoy animals while on holiday, but without taking part in cruel practices.

“Many events like this continue because they have not been condemned enough,” said Dominic. Tourists can play their part by ensuring they don’t go to this kind of event where bulls are tortured, and that includes the Pamplona Bull Run and bull fighting. Even better, contact the Mexican tourist board and express your disgust that this kind of activity is allowed to continue. Unfortunately, it’s often only economics, not compassion, that can lead to this kind of practice being stopped, so if tourists start boycotting the country, it could make a difference.”

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