Tourist Report Baan Dam Black House Chiang Rai

Tourist Report – Baan Dam (Black House), Chiang Rai, Thailand

Baan Dam is an art museum in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It receives good reviews on TripAdvisor, however, we were contacted about the condition of animals kept there.

Tourist Report – Maria and Ivan, September 2014

We visited Baan Dam or Black House in Chiang Rai around one month ago. The place is made by a famous artist, Thawan Duchanee’s. Supposedly it is a museum and he shows animal skeletons, skulls, snake skins, crocodile skins, dead turtles, horns and heads. It’s not a nice place for an animal lover for sure but this is not the worst part – there is a seccion with animals alive in cages.

A big turtle in a pit not bigger than twice his size in a little quantity of water, two mid size snakes in a little cage, a big owl and another bird in a little cage – he looks really stressed situated in the top of the cage when the kids can not try to touch or hit.

In another cage they have two huge pythons with almost not place to move. Four or five horses tied with ropes to a tree. When we were there we found many kids trying to touch or hit the snakes with sticks, hitting the cages of the birds and pulling the ropes of horses. We felt so sad because nobody was around having a look the animals, everybody can open the cages except in the case of the big snakes.

We thought about it, we really wanted to let then free but we know that way is not the solution. We don’t know if they have the permit to have them there if they take care or not but it dosent look like that.

Have you visited Baan Dam?

If you wish to complain to the Tourist Authority of Thailand about the Baan Dam animals, you can email them.