Tourist Report Elephant Safari Resort Taro Bali

The Elephant Safari Resort in Bali is billed as an ‘interactive elephant experience’. While it is rated highly by many visitors, there are also concerns about the way the animals are treated.

Photos of Elephant Safari Park, Taro Ubud, Bali
This photo of Elephant Safari Park, Taro Ubud is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We received this report from Reynaldo:




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The owner of this highly successful business promotes to the world he rescued these elephants from their habitat being ruined in Sumatra.  That part is true.  The part that he doesn’t advertise to the world is those rescued elephants are exploited so terrible.  They are chained 24/7…the only time they are not chained is if they are performing or giving rides to guests. 

There are reports from the local people in Taro of elephants being beaten and even one that starved to death.  We saw elephants chained, even babies.  Please expose this place for what it is.  A hell on earth for elephants.  Those elephants need to be rescued from the owner!! 

We will be contacting the Resort for their response, which we will post here, but more concerns have been posted on TripAdvisor – see below.

From Julia F, Hamburg, via TripAdvisor:

Indeed it is nice over there. They have a nice area, beautiful flowers, comfortable benches and relaxing launch chairs. The restaurant appears good, so does the shop.

And, yes, there are 2-3 elefants playing around in the water for the tourists. You can feed them and take pictures with them.

But the reality is different: The elefants are (when they are not working/riding tourists) chained 24/7 and have to stand on circles made of concrete. Far away from the others.

They even separated a mum from her baby which I felt was particularily cruel!! I ve been seriously shocked about it and had a discussion with the warden about it.

Elefants are group animals. They want to be together. And not separated and in chains.

I asked the guides why they are chained. The answered that they would otherwise eat all the nice flowers, leaves from the trees etc. Of course they would. But, come on, you don’t keep group animals separated and enchained because it is supposed to look nice around them?

Unfortunately I ve only realised all this when I was actually doing the ride. (You don’t see the chained elefants before neither do you realise that they have to stand on concrete all the time.)

Even on the elefant path they have (almost invisible but definitely hurting/cyclone) fences that protect the trees and flowers from the elephants.

While I was on the ride they had a show. I wanted to miss it, I imagined it horrible after seeing a soccer ball and a basketball. Why the hell do they train animals to play with a ball and make other funny things? Is it a zircus in the end?

All rumors that they protect the elefants are wrong. They brought them from Sumatra for purely touristic reasons.

I am German. Where ever you go in a German Zoo these animals are held under better circumstances.

So, please, don’t go there. And don’t go to any other of these places. They are supposed to be even worse.

Dear people from Taro: If you read this please think about building big areas where the elephants can move around and be together. And please throw all the chaines away and take off the concrete. Even so it is easy to maintain and keep clean it is not what elephants want to experience under their feet. Not everything you do is bad but the most important thing, animal wellfare, is unfortunately very poor. I was very disappointed about that.

From Coopertino 41, Australia:

We went due to recommendations of this having well treated animals but I would disagree. Most of the elephants were chained by their legs and kept pacing. I know this is for safety but after talking to people that were staying there we found out they chain them all through the night and you can hear the clanking, which they said was disturbing. The grounds are beautiful and it would be a great place if they invested in an enclosed area for the elephants to walk around in. Wouldn’t recommend….little disturbing to see.

From Trine T, Denmark:

Entrance very expensive. No question that they wish the best for the animals, but elephants are chained most of the time and it seems like they are there just as much for the tourists as for protection and rescue.
35 min. elephant ride in “the jungle” was fine, but not excellent.

If you have any comments on this resort, or anywhere else you have been which concerned you in regards to the treatment of animals, please let us know!