Tourist Report Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Tiger

Tourist Report: Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, Thailand

We’ve had a report of a badly treated tiger at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens in Thailand. Have you been there and witnessed this?

Can you take the time to contact the Tourist Authority of Thailand to raise concerns? You can reach them here. We’re unable to get a direct email address for Nong Nooch.

Tiger Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Tourist Report, from Ellie:

I was just emailing to inform and alert you of an act of animal abuse that I witnessed at the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Thailand. I have attached a picture of the victim, a tiger, [I don’t know it’s name (it if has one), its age or its gender], as well as another witness’ comments from Tripadvisor (a travel review website).

The tiger was lying down on a platform, attached and restricted by a short chain (so much so, that it couldn’t even stand up). He looked drugged with sedatives as well. When I went, there were no workers around to question about its situation, but the person’s review on trip advisor stated that, “When I tried to question those working there, they suddenly couldn’t speak English.” I also went in daylight and when it wasn’t too busy, but apparently there were many people surrounding him while taking photos, causing bright flashes in its face. According to research by Elizabeth Kalfsbeek, “Most animals are frightened by the […] bright flashes.”

(Elizabeth Kalfsbeek, 2013)

I am not suggesting that the tiger cannot be displayed, but as long as there are legislations and laws in place which are followed up that make sure animals are looked after properly. I’m not sure if these guidelines are in practice already (but I doubt it though, based on how they are treating it), but the carers should only take the animals from the wild  if they could not survive, such as ones that are sick or injured, and if possible, the animals should be assisted with their rehabilitation and release.

I acknowledge that this process will probably be a slow one, according to, Abigail Geer (2014), “On November 12 2014, [(1 month ago)] Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) passed the very first law prohibiting cruel treatment of animals. ” and that there are not very specific guidelines of what is legal or not.However, I hope that you do your best, because every change is a positive one.

Many thanks to Ellie. Have you seen animal abuse or cruelty while on holiday? Tell us – and we’ll tell the world.

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