Travel Tips for a Cruelty-Free Holiday

Before you travel:

  • Use to research your holiday and get information on what you can expect to come across in your destination country
  • Download and read the RIGHT-tourism Top 10 Dos and Don’ts
  • Check your that tour itinerary does not contain and practices or attractions that might involve animal cruelty or exploitation
  • Explain to your travel agent that you do not want to take part in any activities which harm animals, and give them information about our campaign

While you are away:

  • If your hotel or restaurant displays any wild animals, express your disapproval in person and in writing
  • If you witness animal cruelty or exploitation, record what you have seen, noting the date, time and location, and try to take as many photos as you can. But remember, never pay to take such pictures
  • Report the incident to a local animal welfare organisation and inform the police if you think the activity is illegal

When you get home:

  • Write to the management of the attraction in question
  • Complain to your tour operator in writing
  • Write to the Ambassador or Consul General of the country you visited
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends and family about so that they too can be animal-friendly tourists