Vietnams Dog Snatchers Channel 4 Lifts Lid Dog Meat Trade

Vietnam’s Dog-Snatchers: Channel 4 lifts lid on dog meat trade

Story about the dog meat trade in Vietnam – worth knowing as a tourist as the health risks could be an issue.

Thieves are stealing pet dogs for people to eat in restaurants.

They’ve snatched tens of thousands from homes across Vietnam after the government tried to restrict the dog meat trade by banning imports.

The crimewave has led to violent clashes – and three boys were recently killed by thieves after chasing them to try to recover their animals.

Lao Huynh, whose 18-year-old son Bau was among the victims, told Channel 4’s Unreported World: ‘He loved his dog. Because dogs like this one are like human beings. That’s why young people are so angry and want to chase the thieves.

‘I didn’t think they would kill him, just injure him. But they shot him intentionally in the temple.’

Dogs with scratches, evident proven they are stolen dogs in Son Dong village that are known as dog collecting spot of Vietnam. These dogs are stolen and/or bought from villages through in country side of Vietnam. The owners of these centers use force to push food into stomach of the dogs to make them heavier before selling, for more profit. The owner is washing the mess the dogs vomited after being forced fed. Two months ago, 3 teenagers got killed by dog thieves when they chase after them. Many dog thieves got killed by people caught them red handed. Dog meat is a popular delicacy in Vietnam.
Ready for market: Dogs are hosed down before being sold (Picture: Chau Doan)

Up to 20 thieves have also been killed, and many more badly beaten, after angry animal-lovers sought revenge. But their dangerous trade is also lucrative – earning them up to £60 a night.

Enough live dogs to make seven tons of meat are brought to market every day in Hanoi. And one dog-napper told Unreported World he had stolen more than 3,000 in seven years.

Activists are calling for laws to curb the problem because the thieves do not face jail if convicted.

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