Virgin America Ends Partnership Seaworld

Virgin America ends partnership with SeaWorld

Interesting story from the Independent. Is this the first step in a gradual separating of Virgin, and other tour companies, from SeaWorld? Watch this space!

Virgin America has dropped SeaWorld from its airline reward programme following pressure from animal rights groups over its killer whale shows.

The stock fell 2.3 per cent to $17.92 in New York trading, hitting a fresh low, after the airline confirmed it had ended all promotional activities with the Orlando-based company.

Virgin America’s reward programme allowed customers to earn travel points by spending money at SeaWorld. The decision comes just months after Southwest Airlines announced it was ending its partnership with SeaWorld after 26 years.

Both companies described the decision as “mutual” but animal rights group speculated Southwest was concerned about the brand’s reputation after an online petition calling on the airline to drop SeaWorld gathered more than 30,000 signatures.

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